What benefits can you expect as a result of our partnership?

pic-manYou will know how to earn the attention you deserve, from the decision makers who count. What do you want your written materials (resume, cover letters, and addenda) to say about you? We will maximize the impact of your campaign by optimizing your tools, making sure they’re written from a business-proposal perspective and are as good as you are.

You will know how to execute a winning campaign. What you do with your marketing materials is just as important as having them at the ready. Learn how to execute the most effective job search methods and networking / distribution / contact strategies for your market to give yourself a competitive edge and rise above your competition.

You will build your expertise and confidence to guide every interview to success. Do you have a thorough understanding of the types of interviews with which you’ll be faced? They begin with tough questions – do you understand what they’re asking and how to respond to position yourself well? Practice with expert feedback is a must and will give you the advantage. When you understand the process, you can ‘ace’ any interview, turning interrogation into collaboration. You’ll learn decision making models and follow-up methods to win the offer.

You will develop the tools and strategy required to transition to a new function or industry. Is your industry dying? Are there more opportunities for you in another? Do you need to change your career direction or focus? Transitioning to a new industry or changing the focus of your career is a difficult process which requires special techniques and strategies. Take advantage of consulting with an expert who will help you make a timely and successful transition and achieve the results you seek.

Contact us today for more information or for a no obligation career assessment. Email your resume to debbie@phoenixcareergroup.com or give us a call, toll free in the US, 800-876-5506 (1+281-571-3223 International). We will set a time to consult briefly to learn more about your situation, troubleshoot, and make recommendations.

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